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Class Name: AP Art History
Teacher: Rebecca Bennett
Location: 212
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Due: Today
Read Gardner's Art Through the Ages Chapter 5 pages 152-153 (Isfahan's Great Mosque, Iranian Tilework, and Ceramic Calligraphy).

Due: Tomorrow
Read the following brief articles from the Met's Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History about the three types of Islamic decoration:




Due: Nov 18 (Mon)
1.  Read the linked article on the Pyxis of al-Mughira.

2.  Read Gardner's Art Through the Ages Chapter 5 pages 151-152 (The Red Fortress).

Due: Nov 19 (Tue)
Read Barron's AP Art History Chapter 9 pages 216-217  - Figure 9.16.

Due: Nov 20 (Wed)
1.  Read Gardner's Art Through the Ages Chapter 5 pages 153-154 (Luxury Arts through Conclusion.)

2.  Complete the attached Islamic Art Worksheet.

Due: Nov 21 (Thu)
Study for Exam 3: Late Antique, Byzantine, and Islamic Art.