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Class Name: Visual Art I
Teacher: Rebecca Bennett
Location: 212
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Due: Nov 26
Take at least five photographs of buildings on your "block" to use as reference in class for our project The Block: After Romare Bearden.

Each photo should be of one building or structure (park, river, construction site, etc.) on your street.

I'm attaching an image of Bearden's massive collage below. We will be following his format, so I recommend that you photograph the buildings straight-on, probably from across the street.

Please consider the following as you photograph your block:
  • Use your writing from Thursday's Warm-Up to guide your selection of buildings.
  • One building should be yours!
  • You do not have to photograph your block exclusively. In other words, if there is a building or business which you feel is essential to your neighborhood, but is not on your block, take a picture of it!
  • You have artistic license and may change the buildings on your street to fit your interpretation of your block.
Finally, you do not need to print these photos! We will be using them as a reference as you sketch and construct your collage over the next several class periods.

Due: Nov 13
Attached are the instructions for completing your Still Life: Watercolor Painting Digital Slide Presentation.

We will work on the the presentations in class today.  Please finish at home if you do not finish in class.  

Due: Oct 23
Attached are the instructions for completing your Still Life: Contour to Value Drawing Digital Portfolio.

We will work on the the portfolios in class today.  Please finish at home if you do not finish in class.  I will be checking these portfolios over the weekend, so they need to be completed by Friday, October 25th.

Due: Oct 2
Today we will begin to build 360-degree still lifes for our first project.  

Bring in one item from home to contribute to this still life.  Your object should reflect something about you, but it should not be too precious to leave at school.  For example, maybe you are a dancer and want to bring in an old point or tap shoe.  We will be working from this arrangement for the next two weeks, so make sure your object will not be needed during this this time!  

As you think about what to contribute, use the objects we identified in class to guide you.  The following objects are traditionally found in still lives, but you are not limited to these items:
  • fruit (we don't want it to rot - so fake)
  • flowers (fake in this case)
  • vases
  • bowls
  • candlesticks
  • interesting objects (think sculptural objects you might keep on a mantle or bookshelf)
  • baskets
  • bottles
  • books
Remember - your object should be large enough to be seen from a distance.  Please see the two examples of still lives to the right for your reference.

Due: Sep 6
We will set up your portfolios and digital portfolios in class today.

Please follow the instructions below to create your Visual Art I Digital Portfolio.