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Physics (Section 01)

Location: 501

Build up the Foundation for Solving Real-World Problems

Welcome to the Physics class! Physics is very cool, and studying physics is a challenging task. Physics, as a rigid discipline, teaches various things that are the basis of many scientific and technological fields. You will be exploring the principles behind all kinds of motion, from planets orbiting the Sun to electrons surrounding the nucleus. You will be investigating the extraordinary nature of time and space. You will be playing with magnets and electric circuits to understand their interactions and rules. You will be involved in many fun labs and projects that will stretch your imagination.

By the end of the year, you will have been enlightened with much knowledge and new skills:

1) Scientific Research Method - observing, defining the question, forming a hypothesis, developing an experiment, collecting data, organizing & analyzing data, interpreting data & drawing conclusions and communicating the results. You will learn to use the method through hands-on experiences.

2) Language of Physics - Math is the language of physics. It can describe complex physics phenomena in an elegant and concise way. You will be able to analyze physics problems and reduces them into mathematical forms. On the other hand, you will be able to apply physics laws in mathematical forms to solve physics problems. You will be able to "think through the math".

3) Real World Familiarity - Physics courses teach about real-world phenomena. You will learn how things move, how they accelerate, how they float, how they fall, how they fly, how they attract/repel each other, what space-time is, what light is, what a superconductor is, what a black hole is, etc. You will be much more familiar with the physical world.

4) Physics World View - The scientific research method and Physics concepts that you are going to learn will help you develop your Physics perspectives toward the visible and invisible worlds in which you live. You will be able to see things/events through new lenses. You will be able to think abstractly about natural and man-made phenomena.

5) Problem Solving Skills - The ultimate goal of this physics course is to build up your problem solving skills so that you will be able to solve real-world problems. No matter what you are going to be, whether it is a businessman, a lawyer, a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, or an accountant, these problem solving skills will be of great use in your future.

6) Regents Test-Taking Skills - Of course, in addition to the aforementioned knowledge and skills, you will also receive some test prep to help you excel in your Physics Regents exam.

Let's work together to have an exciting and fruitful year!

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