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Physics Lab (Section 01)

Location: RM 414

Bridging the Abstract and Real Worlds

In physics, we study the natural phenomena, construct scientific models, and find the beautiful laws governing our world. The whole process won't be complete if we do not involve the process of conducting experiments. Labs are the tools to differentiate fantasies from scientific facts. They are the tools to link the theories and reality. Doing labs is also an important process to help students understand physics concepts in a solid way. We are going to have a series of labs covering all the major topics of the year. Enjoy our fun labs!

NY State’s Policy of Labs

As stated in the New York State Science Core Curricula and syllabi, and in accordance with Section 8.2 of the Rules of the Board of Regents, laboratory experience is required in each of the Honors/Regents science courses: The Physical Setting: Earth Science, Chemistry and Physics and The Living Environment: Biology.  Students must be engaged in laboratory activities representing a minimum of 1,200 minutes of hands-on lab work as certified by the principal.  Satisfactory written reports of these laboratory experiences must be prepared by the student.  Only those persons who have satisfactorily met the laboratory requirements will be admitted to the Regents science examination.