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AP Calculus BC

Location: 401

Course Description:


Our study of calculus, the mathematics of motion and change, is divided into two major topics: differential and integral calculus. Differential calculus enables us to calculate rates of change, to find the slope of a curve, and to calculate velocities and accelerations of moving bodies.  Integral calculus is used to find the area of an irregular region in a plane, to measure lengths of curves, and to calculate centers of mass of arbitrary solids.


An AP Calculus course is equivalent to one semester of college calculus. Therefore, you should prepare for this class as if you were in college. This class will demand a lot of your time and commitment. 


Course Objectives:


This course is intended to provide you with a sound understanding of the concepts of calculus.  You will study limits, derivatives, and integrals, and applications of all of these ideas. Your study will be based on a balanced approach. You will be asked to solve graphically, support numerically, confirm analytically, and solve algebraically, all while applying calculus to problem situations. I want you to be able to precisely present the solutions both verbally and in writing.

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