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Discrete Mathematics

Location: 401

Discrete Mathematics Course Description:


In Discrete Mathematics we will use the principles and properties of natural numbers, whole numbers and integers to explore set theory, number theory and graph theory. We begin by reviewing logical thinking and revisiting proofs. Students then apply their ability to reason and think critically to develop algorithms that provide solutions to real questions such as


  1. What is the most efficient route to plow all the streets in this neighborhood after a snowstorm (or pick up all the trash)?
  2. What is the best way to schedule eight committee meetings without any conflicts, given that some people are on more than one committee?
  3. How can we schedule all the tasks on this large project (like a construction project or a new product launch) so that the entire project is finished in the least amount of time?
  4. Will there be enough phone numbers available to accommodate all the phones, faxes, and mobile phones in this area?
  5. What is the optimal medicine dosage for a patient, in order to maintain the right amount of medicine in the body while it is naturally metabolized?
  6. How can we model and analyze a changing population, or the changing amount of money in an investment program?

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