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Digital Photography I (Section 1)

Location: 212


Digital Photography I is a foundation course designed to introduce students to the basic functions of a camera and to the entire photographic process from pre- to post-production.  The course will familiarize students with the history of photography and the development of the digital image.  Students will learn the fundamental techniques necessary for creative photography including the rules of composition and how to control exposure of an image.  After establishing these foundational skills, students will explore the basic genres, or types, of photography while concurrently developing their post-production abilities in Adobe Photoshop.


While Digital Photography I is designed to develop photographic skill, it is also intended to promote creative thinking and critical looking. To aid the development of these skills, students will study a master photographer and work for each unit of study.  They will use the photographer and image as inspiration for their own work.  In addition, students will participate in both informal peer reviews and formal critiques that will enhance sensitivity of thought and idea.  Lastly, students will visit local museums to connect the work we are doing with contemporary artists and movements.




Students will investigate

§  What is photography?

§  How can we develop photographic skills and techniques?

§  How do we look at and evaluate photographic images?




Students will

§  Create: Conceive and develop new artistic ideas and work – NYS Artistic Process Standard 1

§  Present: Interpret and share artistic work – NYS Artistic Process Standard 2

§  Respond: Understand and evaluate how the arts convey meaning – NYS Artistic Process Standard 3

§  Connect: Relate artistic ideas or work with personal meaning and external context – NYS Artistic Process Standard 4

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