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AP Computer Science Principles

Location: 518

“In this course, you will create programs using the Snap programming language, you will learn some of the most powerful ideas of computer science, you will be creative, and you will discuss the social implications of computing, thinking deeply about how you can be personally active in promoting the benefits and reducing the possible harms.” (From the Beauty and Joy of Computing curriculum). We will also be doing data science visualizations using the text based language, Pyret and programming in Turtlestitch and Beetleblocks, (built on Snap) will enable us to make code visible (prototyping designs) in the forms of digital embroidery and 3D printing. In this course, you will learn computer science through the arts.
Essential Questions:
How can computing extend traditional forms of human experience and expression?
How can computation be employed to facilitate exploration and discovery when working with data?
How do economic, social and cultural contexts influence innovation and the use of computing?

Files for download: