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ERHS Calendar - Week of 3/23/20

Dear ERHS Community,


On October 12, 1942, President Franklin D. Roosevelt  delivered a Fireside Chat titled "On the Home Front,” saying: "Whatever our individual circumstances or opportunities, we are all in it, and our spirit is good... and do not let anyone tell you anything different." As Americans faced a grim reality, at the time, with the world embroiled in a war that cost millions of lives, they were asked to come together. Our generation faces a different life-threatening reality and if we come together and be good citizens, we will emerge from this health crisis, stronger and more united than before. I wish each of you good health and a safe future. Take care of yourselves and each other and we will come out of this successfully. 


Please take an hour to listen to historian Mary Jo Binker, from October 2018, as she shares some essential advice from Eleanor Roosevelt from her advice column written for more than 20 years for Ladies’ Home Journal and McCall’s Magazine. (An FDR Library event broadcast by CSPAN click here). It may be soothing to hear about other challenging eras in our nation’s history and how Mrs. Roosevelt exemplified leadership during her time in public life. In addition, please read this week’s ElRo Corner, written by our Girls Lead Our World (GLOW) Club. During this week, members of the club put up activities for their peers to occupy their time with, as the school leadership and faculty/staff were otherwise occupied. This type of student leadership is exactly what we need to be doing at this time, helping one another. Thank you to all of you that are mobilizing, in ways that promote physical social distancing, but are promoting social solidarity. I look forward to sharing more of these types of stories with you as they are shared with me. I encourage all in the ERHS community to share these moments with me or even better with our students on the @erhsnyc Instagram.  We want to stay in touch and what better way than by following @erhsnyc on Instagram! We will be posting updates with new information and holding new weekly contests! This week’s contest will consist of pictures of your new experiences with online learning. Feel free to use humor!  


As we will be celebrating Women's History Month from our homes, we can find new and innovative ways to interact as we celebrate the many contributions of women to our country and the world. Also, as we closed down the physical structure of Eleanor Roosevelt High School, I am happy to announce that our summer reading for next summer will be I am Malala, about a young woman from Pakistan who strived for her right to an education. The books arrived last week! We will distribute them at a later date. 


We hope all of you are okay and healthy and though all of our lives have changed, seemingly overnight, are finding ways to positively occupy your time, whether you are a student, parent/guardian or faculty/staff at ERHS. A huge thank you to all in the ERHS community who are in the medical/health care profession for your efforts to this point and for what is coming your way in the coming days. Those involved in other fields that are still reporting to work, thank you as well, as you are our city’s lifeliine, from those that work in supermarkets, grocery stores, etc. All in the community are urged to stay inside and not interact with others, outside of your own circle, to limit the spread of the COVID-19 virus.  


There’s no other way to say, we are living in historic times. As we resume school, in a new way, I am heartened to share that our school community has been so supportive of one another in so many ways, large and small. Our faculty came to school this past week to prepare for the transition to online distance learning and have learned from one another as we prepare for our distance learning program. School leadership and staff worked tirelessly to make sure students in need of technology were issued a laptop and on Thursday we mailed all the practice ACT exams to the 10th grade. We uploaded all the student cellphone numbers that were provided on blue cards onto our School Messenger to allow for students to receive timely information, in addition to families and staff by voicemail or text. Though there will inevitably be some issues and complications, we will do our best to get everyone what they need to provide their education in a meaningful way. As mentioned, Mr. Liotto, our School Aide/Tech Support Specialist will be available by email to connect with any students. 


All students are encouraged to turn on notifications for Google Classroom on their phone and download the Zoom app in preparation for tomorrow’s classes. 


As a reminder, the online distance learning school schedule is broken up into abbreviated 9 periods, in order to keep continuity and familiarity to the school day. The formal instructional school day will be from 9-12pm. Students will be expected to attend their classes promptly and be present daily. If there is no formal class, there will be an assignment to complete and the faculty member will alert students to this reality. Course assignments will be expected to be completed on time and students will use afternoon hours to complete them, allowing for a “full day” of school.  


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday - Instructional Class Time will be held from 9-12pm 

Students will attend what they normally attend on these days. 


Period 1 - 9:00-9:20am

Period 2 - 9:20-9:40am 

Period 3 - 9:40-10:00am

Period 4 - 10:00-10:20am

Period 5 - 10:20-10:40am

Period 6 - 10:40-11:00am 

Period 7 - 11:00-11:20am

Period 8 - 11:20-11:40am

Period 9 - 11:40am-12:00pm


Lunch - 12-12:40pm


Office Hours/Extra Help Sessions


12:45-1:15pm - Math, Social Studies, Arts 

1:15-1:45pm - Science, English, World Language, PE/Health 


Wednesday - Non-Instructional Day - Advisory & Additional Office Hours/Help Sessions 


8:40-9:00am - Ms. Mendlowitz’s Health Class 

9-9:30am - Advisory - Advisors will make themselves available in a meeting room for students to check in with how things are going with our online system and any current concerns/realities that students are facing. Sibs will join their groups during this time. 


9:30-10:00am - Math/PE/Health/Arts Help  

10:00-10:30am - English/Social Studies/STEM Help 

10:30-11:00am - Core Science/World Language Help 

11-11:40am - Lunch 

11:45am-12:30pm - Weekly Faculty Meeting 


Faculty may offer more outside of these windows. 


There will be many questions that arise during the next few days. Please contact a member of the administration by email, AP Randi Damesek at, AP Matt Guttman at or myself. 


I will continue to update the community and share information over the coming days/weeks. Please read and share with others. If anyone is not getting emails, please let me know by emailing me at If a parent/guardian wants to contact me to be added, please include the student’s name and grade.


Be safe and smart, stay at least 6 feet apart. Let’s take care of one another by making some sacrifices, like simply staying away from others physically, but connecting in new or enhanced ways, using technology to stay face to face. I wish each of you well, as we continue to face the challenges of the COVID-19 Health Crisis.  


PLEASE reach out to me, a member of the administration, a counselor or faculty member if you are in need in any way we can help. You are not alone and we, as a community will come together to support one another. 




Mr. Saliani 



Seen around ElRo last week: Last week was spent moving online. Here’s a last bit of in school and then some out of school and hopefully a few images to give you a smile. Please submit all photos of your life now using the same system. What can you do with learning online in terms of sharing our lives and helping us to document this very different time in history. Please submit according to our usual schedule!


Thank you to this week's photographers: Megan L, Ellery B, Samantha C, Mr. Saliani, Ms. Ettenheim


Photograph submissions for the calendar

Click on this form (2019-20 form) and submit your image to the weekly school calendar. Please note all calendar submissions need to be horizontal images. All photographs must be taken during the current calendar week.

The deadline is Thursday midnight for the next week’s calendar. 


ElRo Corner 


Dear ERHS Community, 

On behalf of the GLOW (Girls Lead Our World) club for women’s empowerment at ElRo, we want to wish everyone good health and safety during these difficult times. The impact of the Coronavirus pandemic is evident in all aspects of our daily lives, and sadly, its reach expands with every passing day. This month and the next few months will not be easy for any of us, but we know that the ElRo community will come together and support one another while we must remain apart. 

One of the many impacts that this virus has had on our school community is the disruption of women’s history month celebrations. Working in collaboration with several other students and teachers, we developed a plan for a day of recognition for women’s history month. We had planned for an incredible speaker to come in for an assembly as well as we had designed discussions and engaging activities for students to participate in regarding women’s history and current events. Although this day of recognition will not be taking place due to the closure of schools, the ERHS community can still continue to commemorate the outstanding women in their lives as well as honor those who paved the way and who continue to speak up for gender equity. 

Women have played essential roles in all walks of life, even when equality was not written in law. For example, many of you know from the popular book and movie, Hidden Figures, Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughn, and Mary Jackson, three brilliant African-American women who worked for NASA in the 1960s. They played an integral part in the launch of astronaut John Glenn into orbit, despite segregation laws and racial discrimination. More recently, Ava DuVernay became the first black female director to receive an Oscar nomination for best picture for the movie Selma. Laverne Cox’s role as a transgender woman playing a transgender character in Orange is the New Black as well as her Time Magazine cover both address the issue of a lack of intersectional representation for women in the media and across all fields. Some more phenomenal women include Tracy Chou, software engineer, Mindy Kaling, writer and actress, Serena Williams, professional tennis player, Elizabeth Holmes, youngest female billionaire and founder of a health tech company, Lindsey Vonn, World Cup skiing champion, and countless more. 

These women, like many others, have well known names and have received the recognition they deserve. However, there are innumerable other women contributing to the advancement of gender equity in their everyday lives. We must take the time to recognize and amplify the achievements of women in our own lives in order to create a more equitable future for the coming generations. We have so many incredible female staff, faculty and teachers at ElRo who make our school what it is today, and we want to take this time to thank them and honor them for their contributions to our community. We also have several clubs at ElRo that empower women and are open to all students including Girl Up, Girls Who Code, and GLOW. Equality may be sealed in law, but the institutionalized patriarchy will take much more than law to tear down. It requires all of us to come together, regardless of gender identity, race, or class, and uplift and empower women everywhere. We will not stop fighting until the wage gap is closed, until women’s healthcare is just as accessible as men’s, until women feel safe and appreciated in the workplace. We will not stop until women of all backgrounds are present in every field so that young girls everywhere will see themselves represented and feel empowered to pursue their passions without boundaries. 

We at GLOW hope that everyone can see the benefit of women’s empowerment for themselves over all aspects of life. The fight for equity strives to end gender stereotypes for men and women alike. The societal pressure put on men by the institutionalized notion that they are superior to women can be exceedingly damaging, which is why this movement helps all. Additionally, in the past, the feminist movement has left out many women who did not fit a certain image or mold. This has also been tremendously harmful to the progress of the movement, because a fight for equity in which so many are left out is not truly a fight for equity at all. In everything we do, GLOW hopes to join the many women of current day in advocating for intersectional feminism to ensure that the future of women’s empowerment is inclusive and appealing to everyone. 

Although we will not be together as a school community this women’s history month, we hope that everyone feels empowered and that they can still acknowledge this month from home. We have curated a list of books to read, movies to watch, activities to do and music to listen to all pertaining to honoring incredible women. Please visit our instagram at @glow_elro to see this list or click here. In essence, we hope that in this month and beyond, we can come together to collectively appreciate what women have contributed to our lives and society as a whole. Emphasizing inclusion, appreciating the achievements of women and empowering youth are all steps to take in your everyday life to make progress towards an equitable world. 

Thank you and stay healthy, 

The GLOW Club Founders: Mackenzie C., Henriette K., and Zoe S.