Community Service

Welcome to the Eleanor Roosevelt High School 

Community Service  Learning Page!


"...the thing in any relationship is not what you get 

but what you give. " 

-Eleanor Roosevelt

Ms. Mendlowitz our Service Learning and Internship Coordinator, is here to help you find opportunities to engage in civic responsibility and social action while utilizing your academic strengths, skills and talents.  

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Students and Parents regarding our Service Learning committments:

How many hours of service are required?
  • There are 20 hours per school year with at least 5 hours per marking period.  Most students do more than the required amount since service to others should be an on-going part of our daily life.
Where do I document my hours?
  • There is an on-line form attached on this Home Page Link for you to use.  Please be thoughtful and reflective in your responses.
If I participated in a lengthy service program during the summer, how many hours can I apply for the school year?
  • Students who took the initiative in taking part of a summer volunteer program must provide signed documentation.  This paperwork should be placed in a folder marked with your graduation year inside my office, Room 504, on a free standing, green rack.
  • Students must also fill out the on-line Service Learning Document (see below).
  • Upon review, students will be granted 10 hours to apply for MP's 1 and 2 for FALL.

What is the deadline for completing the hours?

  • Students should have their documentation completed by the dates indicated on the Service Learning Document 2019-20.
What if I have done more that 5 hours per MP?
  • There really is no limit to the amount of service you can and should do. Many of you are motivated to seize opportunities for social action, however ,sometimes academic realities make it difficult to spare any extra time to do so.  If you find yourself in this situation, please see me. We can take a look at your service and possibly use extra hours to cover a MP where time was limited to complete a service opportunity.
Can I arrange my own service?
  •  Absolutely! We welcome students to design their own action to meet critical community needs! I am always willing to help students navigate this initiative!

What if I see something on this page, but I am not sure about the opportunity being a "good fit" for me?
  • Ms. Mendlowitz is available for meetings about community service 7th period, on Thursdays & Fridays.

How can I get I get in touch with Ms. Genova-Hall?

  • Ms.Mendlowitz will be is available for meetings about community service 7th period, on Thursdays & Fridays. ​​​​​​​Her email address: .