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"...the thing in any relationship

is not what you get but what you give. " 

Eleanor Roosevelt

Check the categorized Links for various opportunities. Ms. Mendlowitz is available for any questions or concerns regarding community service during 7th period on Thursdays & Fridays. You can also email her at

Below are some Frequently Asked Questions and Answers for Students and Parents regarding Community Service.

What is community service?

  • Community service is work done by a person or group of people that benefits others. It is often done near the area where you live, so your own community reaps the benefits of your work. You do not get paid to perform community service, though sometimes food and small gifts, like a t-shirt, are given to volunteers.
What constitutes community service?
  • Service may be volunteered to the school and/or community. However, only 10 hours of in-school service will be allowed.
  • Service must be performed on students' own time
  • Students may not be paid for services rendered
  • Volunteer service involving academic requirements for a class will not count
  • Service rendered as a pre-requisite for employment will not count.
  • Attendance at self-improvement workshops, conferences or competitions will not count
  • Fundraising for nonprofits and charities will count (e.g.- Breast Cancer Walk)
  • Service may not be performed for a student's family or a for profit organization, except for institutions like hospitals, nursing homes or the humane society.
  • Service performed as a result of disciplinary action taken by the school or courts does not count
  • Volunteer work that promotes a particular religious, political point of view or person cannot count. For example: if your church/synagogue/mosque group helps does work for the Special Olympics, that service will count. If however, you distribute flyers for a religious event, it will not count.
  • The above criteria will not cover every situation. If students have any doubts about what counts as service, they should speak to their advisor. If their advisor signs off on their service, it will be allowed. Criteria for evaluating the validity of service: does the activity address the community need/social problem the student has identified as the issue/problem they want to work on as part of their community service? 
How many hours of service are required?
  • There are 20 hours per school year with at least 5 hours per marking period.  Most students do more than the required amount because it feels so good. The most beautiful irony: the more you give of your heart, the bigger it gets.
Where do I document my hours?
  • Use the Google form, Service Learning Document your advisor will share with you. You should also collect any documents from your service (e.g.- certificates for charity walks) and provide them to your advisor.
If I participated in a lengthy service program during the summer, how many hours can I apply for the school year?
  • Students who took the initiative in taking part in a summer volunteer program must provide signed documentation. This paperwork should be placed in the folder marked with your graduation year on the free-standing, green rack, inside Ms. Mendlowitz'z office (room 504 in the LRC).
  • Upon review, students will be granted 10 hours to apply for MP's 1 and 2 for FALL. Ms. Mendlowitz will inform your advisors if the service is approved. 

What is the deadline for completing the hours?

  • Students should have their documentation completed by the dates indicated on the Service Learning Document.
What if I have done more that 5 hours per MP?
  • There really is no limit to the amount of service you can and should do. Many of you are motivated to seize opportunities for social action.  If you have logged more than 5 hours in one MP, you may carry over the extra hours into the next MP. 
What if I haven't been able to do at least 5 hours during a MP?
  • Sometimes academic realities make it difficult to find the time. If you find yourself in this situation, please see Ms. Mendlowitz. We can evaluate your service to see if more hours towards your MP requirement would be justified.
Can I arrange my own service?
  •  Absolutely! We welcome students to design their own action to meet critical community needs! I am always willing to help students navigate this initiative!

What if I see something on this page,

but am not sure about whether the opportunity would be a "good fit" for me?
  • You can discuss your questions and concerns with your advisor, who probably knows you best. You may also see Ms. Mendlowitz (see her hours below).

How can I get I get in touch with Ms. Mendlowitz?

  • Ms.Mendlowitz will be is available for meetings about community service 7th period, on Thursdays & Fridays. Her email address: .