Principal's Message
Eleanor Roosevelt High School is a school devoted to providing students with a rich intellectual experience, one that is academically challenging and thoughtful. Our comprehensive program is intended for a diverse group of dedicated, motivated students who, through their self-selection and previous academic history have demonstrated their desire to become critical thinkers, informed, conscientious decision makers, and creative problem solvers.

We are actively involved in creating a stimulating educational environment to provide our students with the necessary tools to manage their lives with courage and purpose; to have a range of options for the future; to have the confidence to be creative and self-sufficient while being able to work collaboratively and maintaining an appreciation of the world. This venture requires the collaboration of staff, students, families and the community. Together we are designing and nurturing a school that fosters life-long learning and provides students with the joy of discovery; a place where questions are as important as answers.

A.C.E., the school's vision, captured in an acronym, stands for Academics, Community and Ethics.  With the commitment to rigorous standards in academics, devotion to our community, with benevolence, honesty and integrity at our core, members of our community strive for excellence to "ace" high school.

Dimitri Saliani, Principal