Making a Difference Club
The Making a Difference Club is devoted to helping others in need. We will concentrate on doing good deeds. This year we will be raising funds for the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust.  The sale of ivory is no longer illegal and thousands of elephants are being slaughtered for their tusks.  Babies cannot survive longer than one day without their mother's milk.  The Sheldrick Trust cares for baby orphaned elephants 24/7 and releases them into the wild when they are adults.  This care takes lots of money!!! We did some research on the orphans and discovered they have a female named ELEANOR!  This is a no brainer!
Look for our Eleanor and please donate.
We have another wonderful event for the Spring.  Stay tuned for that!

MEETING TIMES:  Thursdays after school in room 402

Check out the elephant story on 60 Minutes:

Check out the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust website and read the Orphans story: