AP Program
AP courses provide opportunities for students to study a subject of interest at a rigorous, challenging level, equivalent to college introductory courses. AP courses cover extensive amounts of material at a fast-pace, requiring a great deal of independent student learning. Consequently, they demand substantial time commitments outside of the classroom. In-depth understanding of theory and application requires that students come with well-developed analytical and critical thinking skills. Enrollment in AP courses requires commitment to completing a mandatory summer assignment, attending class regularly and on time, working through class material consistently and thoughtfully, participating in class respectfully and mindfully, and taking the AP examination in May. The cost of each exam is $94. There are exam fee reductions for those that qualify. Candidates for AP courses must have strong interest in rigorous study of the subject area, be committed to academic excellence (demonstrated by 88 average overall, 90 average in subject area), and have excellent attendance records. Students are generally capped at enrolling in 2-3 AP courses per year. As of the 2016-17 school year, all ERHS students are enrolled in AP World History and AP United States History promoting AP for All in those subjects.