Writing Opportunities
NEW CONTESTS AND OPPORTUNITIES are posted below!  They are listed in chronological order, with the earliest deadlines at the top.  


Various deadlines; various genres; publication on the Learning Network:

Various deadline; various genres:up to $100:

December 1; poetry about environmental topics; publication/awards ceremony:

December 1; poetry; up to $100:

December 3; every single writing genre you can imagine, plus a senior portfolio option; up to $10,000 in scholarship money:

December 9; essay giving advice to the next president; up to $500:

December 16; short story; up to $3,000:

January 8; essay related to Japan/Japanese culture; up to $3,000 and a Canon DSLR camera:

January 17; essay about taking a stand for the public good; up to $10,000 in prizes:

February 21; journalistic writing on promoting civil political discussions; up to $1,000;

February 25; poetry; publication and reception:

February 28; poetry; publication and invitation to read poem at Austin Poets International:

March 2; poetry, prose, spoken word, etc.; up to $10,000; SENIORS ONLY!: 

March 9; poetry, flash fiction, short story; up to $250:

March 15; poetry, graphic novel, prose, and others; up to $200:

March 27; interview with an older friend or relative; up to $100:

April 6; essay about the Foreign Service, peace, national security; up to $2,500:

April 22; essay on Wuthering Heights; up to $1,000:

April 30; poetry and prose; publication and up to $200 :

May 1; world history-themed essay; up to $500:

June 1; essay on Jane Austen; up to $1,000 and trip to attend JASNA conference in Cleveland:

June 15; poetry and prose related to the ocean/environmental topics; up to $1,500:

Ongoing Contests

Write the World: competitions for young writers
An ongoing series of competitions for many genres of writing.

Places to publish your work
A nice list of publications that accept writing from teens.  Get yourself published!

Scholastic Write It
Get your name in print!  Scholastic, Inc. publishes several magazines that feature student writing in these genres: poetry, essay, short fiction, memoir, humor, and journalism.

Teen Ink
Get your name in print!  Teen Inc. accepts submissions for poetry, fiction, travel writing, and several other genres.