Drama Club
Drama club is an outlet for students who want to act and perform (and write, if interested). We encourage both seasoned performers and interested neophytes to get involved.   

We meet on Mondays.   Once you join, you will receive email updates so that you know what to prepare and what to expect.   

In the Fall, we improvise, play theater games, do cold reads and then begin working on a play chosen by the members and president to be put on in early Winter.  

In the Spring we will do a showcase of scenes and monologues.   Some of these scenes are written by students, some by contemporary playwrights.   

The fun that can be had in Drama Club does demand consistency in being able to make the meetings and rehearsals, particularly in the Fall, as our work is collaborative and team based. In the Spring, with all the Spring sports etc, there can be a bit more give and take in attendance, but commitment is still 100% necessary.  

For kicks, you can look at the videos attached to this club which are from Shakespeare productions done in 2005 and 2006.  We won't be doing Shakespeare, but we will be putting on a play!  Come join!