Course Offerings


Starting with an introduction to on-camera Film/TV acting, class works with scripts from current and past films and TV shows, learning about focus, relaxation, imagination, eye-line, breathing, and “putting yourself in the predicament.”  

As a collaborative unit we then use these skills to act, write, direct, DP and crew filmmaking projects of our own creation.  All students get to PITCH their ideas solo or in pairs. In 2018-19 we made a dozen projects, working through all stages of production - from pitch and development, through pre-production/storyboarding, shooting, and post-production/edit, culminating in our Film Fest in June.​​​​​​​

Animation/Physical Computing 

Students create animations and projects from drawing with pencils to digital work and build animated stories and games online and physical devices that move using the microbit. In the spring, we study games as vehicles to social action awareness through the Games for Change student challenge. 

AP Art History

Art history emphasizes understanding works of art within their historical context by examining issues such as politics, class, religion, patronage, audience, gender, function, and ethnicity.  This course will teach students how to utilize visual literacy skills to examine, analyze, and interpret art.  Students will learn to suspend judgment when looking at works of art and will develop critical thinking skills by considering assumptions made when evaluating art. While the primary function of this course is to prepare students for the AP Art History Exam, a secondary intention is for students to develop their own understanding and appreciation of art.  To support this, students will be required to interact with art beyond that presented in class by visiting local museums and galleries.

Band [Concert/Symphonic] (Pre-requisite: previous level course or instructor's approval)

Ensemble is about creating music. We use the attainment of proficiency on an instrument as the starting point to understanding music from different perspectives. We start the year by reviewing basic rudiments of musical notation and execution. We then use performance repertoire to study the construction of complex musical ideas from simple building blocks. We focus on the tonal and rhythmic basis of music. We examine the role of individual instruments in the instrumental ensemble and practice efficient rehearsal routines. We begin to analyze music from historical, formal, melodic, and harmonic perspectives.We perform and analyze standards from different styles of music. Each unit culminates in an individual skill assessment of performance, composition, or analysis.

Digital Photography I, II (Pre-requisite: previous level course)

With digital cameras the students will explore the basics of photography and using Photoshop, the students will also learn the basics of digital correction and manipulation. The emphasis will be on seeing and the principals and elements of Visual Art – Texture, rhythm, contrast, balance and composition. The students continuing with digital photography for a second or third year will explore black and white photography and work on developing a digital portfolio of their own.

Beginning Guitar

Beginning Guitar is a survey course to expose students to the versatility of the instrument and its role in various musical contexts. The aim of the course is to build a solid foundation for appropriate applications of understanding and skill as guitarist, musician, and life-long learner. Proficiency in reading standard musical notation and playing with proper technique is our point of departure.

Advancing Guitar (Pre-requisite: previous level course or instructor's approval)

Advancing Guitar is continuation of Beginning Guitar . The aim of the course is to build a solid foundation for appropriate applications of understanding and skill as guitarist, musician, and life-long learner. Students are expected to be proficiency in reading standard notation and familiar with rudimentary theory.

Mastery Guitar

Mastery Guitar is an advanced guitar course in which we will explore ideas of artistry and identity through personalized exploration of curricula. As the highest-level performing guitar ensemble, an emphasis will be placed on performance practice and chamber music principles. 

Visual Arts I

Through the art class, students learn to unlock their creative sensibilities. They will view things in an aesthetic manner and engage in the creation of exciting visual images. They will explore a variety of materials used in the creation of art and apply this knowledge to schoolwork as well as to everyday life. The learning process will be a series of individual projects. Through this class, students discover great turning points in art history, learn about careers in art and discover social and cultural influences of art in our world.

Visual Arts II (Pre-requisite: Visual Arts I)

How does drawing act as a vehicle for investigating the world around us and expressing our observations about it? Over the course of the semester, students learn new skills and sensitivities that help them develop an artist’s view of the world. This advanced art class explores a variety of drawing techniques. The students learn how to develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts.