Library & Resource Center
The ElRo Library & Resource Center's mission is to 
foster and promote the larger mission of our school by:
  • Providing students with the instruction, resources and research support they need to achieve their academic, professional and personal goals
  • Serving the curriculum needs of our faculty by providing instructional and/or resource support. 
  • Teaching students the critical inquiry skills a thriving democracy requires of all its citizens
  • Demonstrating the necessity for collaborative research in a hyper-connected, diverse global community
  • Providing a space that also recognizes the need for solitary study, reading, reflection, and relaxation.
  • Conveying the importance of the intellectual commons in a resource-challenged world
  • Fostering, promoting, and sustaining the kind of multidisciplinary, multicultural environment that engenders the profound connections necessary for valuing lifelong learning
  • Making Alice Munro's observation that "the constant happiness is curiosity" manifest every day.