Library & Resource Center
This page contains screencast and video tutorials Ms. M has created to help you understand the research process, and other information literacy concepts. I suggest you view them in full-screen mode. 
9th graders will be assigned to view some of these before their first research project, due at the end of May. After viewing them, you will probably be asked to fulfill some tasks to gauge your understanding. This is where you'll find explanations of:
  • The different stages of the research process 
  • Resource types, and how to locate, use, and evaluate them
  • Organization and search strategies and tools
  1. Taking Charge of Your Destiny- This tutorial will explain how to use ElRo's Destiny library catalog to search for print and electronic resources we have in our collection, including fiction, nonfiction, reference, and biographies.
  2. Using The NY Public Library's Articles & DatabasesThis tutorial will introduce you to scholarly article, scholarly book, and reference databases. It explains what types of content they provide, the login process, and some basic searching strategies.This was designed with the 9th grade research project in mind, but like all Ms. M's tutorials, is suitable for all grades, and interested teachers. At the time I created this the database "Biblioboard" was only available through the Queens Library. View the next tutorial about using the Queens Library to find out about this amazing resource- just fast forward till you get there.
  3. Using the Queens Library Articles & Databases- This tutorial introduces you to some of the journal article and other content databases offered to Queen residents by the Queens Public Library. Most of them are included in the NYPL's databases. But some (e.g., BiblioBoard) are only available through the Queens Library.
  4. Finding Pertinent Content Within An Online ResourceSo you've found a worthy online resource you think you can use for your research project, but need to determine if it actually contains information you can use. This tutorial explains how to use a browser's "Find" function to zero in on pertinent content within an online resource.