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Gale On-Demand Tutorials
This page contains links to all the Gale databases. Only the NOVELNY databases are freely available to us. For example, the Infotrac Databases link provides guidance on how to use the Academic OneFile and General OneFile databases. If you don’t know which databases are in the NOVELNY collection, click on the “Gale NOVELNY” icon on the LRC’s homepage.
When you are establishing search parameters, remember that the most authoritative content are peer-reviewed, academic journal articles. This doesn’t mean that books or even magazine articles cannot provide credible information for your purpose. Evaluation criteria are essential for making determinations about credibility and appropriateness. Use the CRAAP criteria (Currency, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose). Handouts on CRAAP are available in the LRC, and online.
Don’t forget to filter out document types that won’t provide you with content that will support your thesis, such as “book reviews” under “Document Type.”
A Quick EasyBib Tutorial
How To Use Quotation, Paraphrase and Summary
Video explanation of the difference between the three forms of citation.
Quotation - Paraphrase - Summary
Very solid explanation of the nature of and differences between the three citation forms. From Fitchburg State University. PDF can be printed out.
Quote, Paraphrase or Summarize?
The other PDF provides a better explanation of the nature and proper uses of these three types of citations. However, this one offers guidance on when you should use brackets and ellipses when using quotations.
Use EasyBib and Google Docs to Manage Your Works Cited
These tutorials will help you understand how to use the citation management tool EasyBib.