Film Club

Do you love watching and talking about movies?  Well then, Film Club is the place to be for you.  This year, we will be watching popular classic and contemporary films and discussing them through our growing knowledge of great directors and films of the past. 


We will be watching and comparing conventional, unconventional, old, and new movies to see the effect one has on the other. We will look at pivotal films about adolescence in America over the past several decades. We explore how the rites of coming of age and the exploration of identity are reflective of  the time period and social climate the characters live in and how the way teenagers grow up has changed over the decades.


Included among the titles to be selected this year will include: 

Wizard of Oz, Junior Prom Rebel Without A Cause, Lolita, Where the Boys Are , Ferris Bueller's Day Off, The Outsiders, 10 Things I Hate About You, Girl, Interrupted, Napoleon Dynamite, Donnie Darko, Ladybird, Moonlight